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Let’s Golf!

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Download Let's Golf!
Download Let’s Golf!

Grab a club, take a swing and pray for a birdie! It’s time to become a big hitter and start playing Let’s Golf! Play the first wildly popular family golf game and discover a fun filled experience anyone can pick up. Choose from 4 customizable characters, each with their own unique skills. Then play 72 holes across 4 locations created in 3D-like graphics: Fiji Beach, the American Mountains, English Countryside and Greece. Golf games have never been so accessible and fun!


  • 72 holes in 4 distinct locations recreated in 3D-like graphics including Fiji Beach, Greece and more
  • Select from 4 cool characters that improve with each game and you can customize with unlockable gear
  • Play 3 game modes: Instant Play, Tournament and Free Hole, depending on how much you want to play
  • Easy to understand controls that anyone can pick up and learn in minutes


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